Providing Guaranteed Compliance with the coast guard's drug
testing regulation, with over 9000 members

Maritime currently has more than 4700 accredited sites certified to perform DOT collections. We assign members a collection site as close to your business location as possible. However, at times, you may need to find an alternate collection site. You may use the URLs below to find a new site.

Maritime uses two Lab Networks with separate Chain of Custody forms for each. When you order a test from us you will receive either a LabCorp or Quest Diagnostics Chain of Custody form.  If you wish to go to an alternate collection site, please call us to make sure you are going to a site that can use your paperwork. Also, we are required to track which collection sites our members go to in case there is an issue with the collection.  If you go to an alternate site that is not in our network, you will be charged the collection fee for that site.

Please note: The collection sites listed in the site locators will only see individuals with a Federal Chain of Custody Form.  Employees who walk in without the required paperwork will not be seen.  Employers may order a test and obtain the Chain of Custody form from Maritime by selecting "Needs Test" on our Update Crew page or on the company Add/Delete form provided to all member companies.

If you wish to find an alternate collection site and your Chain of Custody/Test Authorization is from LabCorp, please call 1-800-742-3944 or click on this link and paste it into your web browser:
You will need to provide a zip code and a mileage range to search for a site. Click on the "Occupational urine drug screen collections" radio button and then on "SEARCH" once you've entered your zip code and range. 

If you wish to find an alternate site and your Chain of Custody/Test Authorization is from Quest Diagnostics, please call 1-800-377-8448 or use this link:
If you are going to use the Quest Diagnostics site locator link, you will need to enter a zip code and select "Urine Drug Screen Collections" and then select "Regulated" and then "Search."  If you need After Hours sites, please also select "Filter by Hours of Operation" and then click on "Search".

PLEASE NOTE: If you are assigned to a Quest Diagnostics Patient Service Center, you must go to a Patient Service Center (PSC), you may not go to a site that is marked PREFERRED.  If you do so, you will be charged the collection fee.

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